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Pabrik GEMUK / Grease Factory ALIMEX-1


Kami adalah Grease Manufacturer di Indonesia khususnya untuk jenis Grease berikut :

alimex-1 pabrik gemuk grease factory

ALIMEX-1 adalah jenis gemuk / grease yang digunakan di industri makanan, karena itu dijuluki sebagai 'food equipment grease'. Anda cari gemuk atau jenis Food Grease  ?


Lihat model grease packaging / kemasan Gemuk Kami


Grease / Gemuk Alimex-1 is distinguished by its exceptional mechanical stability, high dropping point and perform under water washout. It is a state of the art, high performance grease which has been developed by complexing modified, overbased, calcium sulfonates. This technology in  many ways outperforms other premium, high temperature greases such as Lithium Complex, Aluminum Complex and Polyurea.


Alimex-1 is a certified H-1 grease for incidental contact with food. It is designed for use in all food processing areas including mixing, baking, cooking, frying, stirring, packaging, cleansing, bottling and canning.

Food approved standard H-1:

NSF No.: 128001      CFIA No.: /L125


  • Exceptional mechanical stability
  • High dropping point, ASTM D 2265: 318C (608F)
  • High load carrying capacity ASTM D 2509=27.2kg (60 lbs)
  • Excellent resistance to wear and corrosion
  • Does not dry
  • Excellent resistance to wash out ASTM D 1264, at 80C (175F) %lost: 0.5

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Lihat kemasan Gemuk / Grease Alimex kami yg tersedia

  • 10 x 14 oz (gambar di atas)
  • Galon (4 Kg)
  • Pail ( 17 Kg)
  • Drum (180 Kg)

Jika Anda ingin cari di Bandung dan Medan, kami juga selaku distributor pabrik gemuk di bandung dan pabrik grease distributor di Medan dan grease manufacturer di wilayah bogor jakarta depok dan sekitarnya serta tangerang dan bekasi


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